About us

Memories we will never forget

The homemade pasta accompanied us on Sunday and holiday dinners. It will always be associated with family atmosphere and common moments spent together. Memories of childhood do not accidentally have the taste and smell of hot broth. As children, we remember most of the flavors. They accompany us throughout our adult life. Every packet of Czaniecki’s pasta is like a magic box that moves us to those years.

Tradition and family atmosphere are the most important values ​​of our company. We have been investing in it for 3 generations. We can confidently say that thanks to them we have built a stable and growing company.

The richness of our offer

In our offer there are 40 types of macaroni – 5 eggs pasta, pressed, rolled, 100% semolina and full of healthy whole grains.

The taste is also appreciated by the residents of the USA, England and Ireland, to whom we export our products. For our customers we have launched an online shop: sklep.makaron.pl to make it easier for them to purchase our products. Based on their needs, we are constantly working on new products that create a new story and save more memories from forgetting.

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