For the love of culinary traditions

We remember this smell of flour dough drying on a tiled stove from our childhood.

Makaron Czaniecki penne
Czaniecki Pasta
Photo showing a pasta dish

This is the Taste with which the FAMILY comes together

Homemade pasta accompanied us at Sunday and Holidays dinners and it will always be associated with a family atmosphere and time spent at a shared table. In 1990, when the first private radio station in Poland: RMF FM, began broadcasting its programs, and Lech Wałęsa was sworn in as the president of Poland, we also decided to do something important. Important to us. We founded our company.

We could poetically say that we did it to save those tastes and memories from oblivion.

5-egg pasta

Because homemade pasta is simply poetry. However, we wanted to share it more with everyone who appreciates products made from the heart.

Just try it, you will like it.

So reach for Czanieckie Makarony, fill your kitchen with flavors, aromas and fragrances that will stay with your family forever. Because our pastas are timeless, they connect successive generations of families who meet at the same table – it happens that for years at the same … because the Polish table is welcoming, magical, it has an extraordinary potential, just like our domestic products.

Twisted penne Czaniecki


5-egg pasta


Mini farfalle

5-egg pasta

Makaron Czaniecki elbow macaroni

Elbow macaroni

5-egg pasta

Makaron Czaniecki Penne


5-egg pasta

Makaron Czaniecki Shell


5-egg pasta

Makaron Czaniecki Mini Quadretti


5-egg pasta

Pasta with fibre

Pasta with fibre Smooth Penne

Pasta with fibre

Makaron czaniecki pasta no 1

Pasta with fibre

Pasta with fibre

Serving suggestions

We believe that there are truly natural, healthy products available in Poland. That is why we appreciate our local market and its wealth. From the beginning of the Polish company Czaniecki, we have been inspired by the Polish tradition and flavors that our ancestors never lacked.

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