Who We Are

Czanieckie Makarony Sp z o.o. is a family company founded in 1990 by Władysław and Zbigniew Dybał. In our family business with traditions, it is just like in a real bustling kitchen - interesting and creative, but above all family - we create moments that over time become unforgettable memories to which we eagerly return.

Evolution of Czanieckie Makarony logo
Czaniecki Pasta

Family members have worked in the company from the very beginning. Over time, the company grew more and more. We currently employ over 250 people. There is already the third generation on the company’s management board. Our pasta is available almost all over Poland and abroad – Great Britain, the United States.

From the family kitchen, we have gained respect, as well as admiration and passion for the true taste and abundance that nature serves us. That is why we focus on local ingredients that we use to create our unique products for you. We believe that there are truly natural, healthy products available in Poland. That is why we appreciate our local market and its wealth. From the beginning of the Polish company Czaniecki, we have been inspired by the Polish tradition and flavors that our ancestors never lacked.